About The Company

Guild of the Goat is a theatre company founded by
Amba-Suhasini K Jhala, Anirudh Nair and Pranay Manchanda.
It’s pretty simple really – we want to create work that is
exciting, relevant, contemporary and makes both you and us
question ourselves and this world we inhabit. We believe it essential to the
welfare of our community that its members
are able to see the world from multiple perspectives.  

As a company we choose not to have a unifying artistic vision or a trademark aesthetic.
We are three practitioners with different trainings, different approaches
and different experiences
 and that is our strength.
We hope to create work that is just as motley as we are and build audiences just as diverse.

Our mission is to create inquisitive, authentic and original content with themes that are
universal and local, epic and domestic. We hope to develop entertaining theatre that
broadens horizons and investigates our times


Our Story?

Four years ago, fate threw the three of them together on the sets of Agamemnon,
Aeschylus’s greek tragedy, which at the time 
Amba was directing. Pranay and Rudy had met
and worked together before, but never as co-actors. Amba had just returned
from her time abroad and these were the first thespians she encountered.

The success of their first production inspired them to continue their artistic collaboration,
but they knew that they could only trully test their individual and collective limits fully
by forming their own theatre company and building a model that supported experimentation.
They only decided to seal the deal four years later, and named their company
Guild of the Goat, a cheeky nod to their very first collaboration. The etymology of “tragedy”
is a compound of two Greek words: τράγος (tragos) or “goat” and ᾠδή (ode) meaning “song”. A live full-grown goat incidentally, was also the top prize at the annual Athenian Theatre festival. Needless to say,
one company of actors wasn’t going hungry that night. And that’s also part of GOG’s endevour,
to make a sustainable, reproducible module.


Business Associations and Partnerships

The company has recently collaborated with React, a provider of drama based training in London, UK
to bring the same practises and techniques to Indian business houses and companies.

React draws on the techniques and principles of drama to help people and organisations learn in the best way possible: by doing.
Anirudh and Amba also collaborated last year with Chicago based physical theatre company, Walkabout. They worked together in Chicago to create a play which ran for 10 shows there. They hope to continue this partnership and work together again to bring a production to India.


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