Children’s Workshops


GOG offers several different workshops for
children. Workshops can be of varying lengths depending on schedules and ability. 
Each workshop is carefully designed and 
structured to fit the skill levels 
and needs of the group involved. 

We can come to a school, run them in our
rehearsal space, or sometimes host them
in a theatre in which we are performing
or have performed.

Our young participants are given the 
opportunity to develop an awareness of
a range of performance techniques.
Our workshops have helped children of all
ages express themselves creatively,
independently and confidently in all aspects
of their lives.

As a company, through our training and 
workshops, we strive towards creativity, 
quality and rigour. We conduct theatre 
training for children because we are 
passionate about mainstreaming theatre into
education, as a tool and an agent of change
 for social awareness and development.

Ideally we will not run a workshop for less 
than 10 children in a batch. Our workshops 
can culminate in a play, introduce 
Shakespeare and other classics or just be a 
safe space where kids can work on 
imagination, theatre skills,
 team building, and trust. 
We are very flexible, so talk to us about
 your needs.



Positive Impact of Theatre
Workshops for children

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, which, when you think about it, is more true than ever before. 
It helps memory, focus, and self confidence while allowing children to have fun in a supportive and non-judgemental space. 

There are plenty of studies that show that Theatre workshops are an important part of boosting performance in all areas of life, 
including academics, yet these are the first programs that are cut from most schools. Unfortunately, all the benefits seem to 
get swept under the rug and forgotten, especially with all of the technological advances we have experienced.

Make your own Movie

Make your own short film from scratch! Through a fun yet intensive workshop experience, participants get a taste of every aspect of film making – Script Writing, Direction, Production, Acting, Cinematography and Editing. This workshop aims at giving individuals an understanding and taste of the entire film making process. Though there are mentors and coaches helping them through the entire process, the film is entirely the collective brainchild of the participants – from conception through to the final movie. 

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