Guild of the Goat invites you to Sonnets c. 2017.

  A brand new site-specific, bilingual performance, set in a house in the grizzly urban metropolis of New Delhi. We reimagine the age-worn stories of love, loss, jealousy and betrayal; this is Shakespeare’s Sonnets reconfigured for our times. They unravel in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and verandahs, spilling their secrets into the house. Join an intimate audience of fifteen as you wander through this home and piece together a story. A story as timeless as it is newborn. A story about us. And one about you. For ages 15 and above.


Dhwani Vij Manishikha Baul Amba-Suhasini K Jhala Mohit Mukherjee Rahul Tewari

Concept & Design

Anirudh Nair with Jaya Sharma & Amba-Suhasini K Jhala

Assistant Director

Jaya Sharma

Costume Design

Megha Khanna

Lighting Design

Anuj Chopra

Sound Design

Sahil Vasudeva

Scenography & Publicity Design

Chandni Arora

Production Support

Koyel Sahoo


Tanzil Rahman


Anirudh Nair  

Devised by the ensemble